Tampa Bay Skeptics

skeptic (n): a person who searches for truth through questioning and reasoning


Founded in 1988 by Gary P. Posner, M.D., Tampa Bay Skeptics is a nonprofit
educational and scientific organization devoted to the critical examination of paranormal and fringe-science claims, and the dissemination of factual information about such claims.
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TBS's $1,000 Challenge

Whenever possible, TBS attempts to put claims to the test. Since 1989 we have had a standing $1,000 Challenge available to anyone able to provide TBS with verifiable scientific proof of any paranormal phenomenon. No one has yet succeeded, but we remain open-minded (though highly skeptical) and desirous of subjecting testable paranormal claims to objective scrutiny.

Membership in TBS

We encourage those who wish to help further the cause of skepticism to join TBS!

See here for the truth . . .

in response to the malicious lies contained in this 8/8/08 Tampa Bay Times (formerly St. Petersburg Times) article about TBS.

Also Note:

Gary Posner's website contains additional related material of interest, including many of his published articles not posted here, and a consolidated listing of available articles on "psychic detective" Noreen Renier. He has also posted the story of his metamorphosis from "believer" to "skeptic," which comprises a chapter in the book Skeptical Odysseys: Personal Accounts by the World's Leading Paranormal Inquirers (Prometheus Books, 2001).