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See here for the truth, in response to this 8/8/08
Tampa Bay Times (formerly St. Petersburg Times) article.

TBS T-shirts Mag. logo  What is Tampa Bay Skeptics?

Founded in 1988, Tampa Bay Skeptics is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization devoted to the critical examination of paranormal and fringe-science claims, and the dissemination of factual information about such claims. In 2004, TBS became a Special Interest Group of the Center For Inquiry–Tampa Bay.

Particular areas of interest to TBS include UFOs, "psychic" power, astrology, fringe science & medicine, purported miracles and other New Age claims. Our interest in religion is restricted to claims that can be objectively tested and potentially verified, such as "weeping icons" or miraculous healings.

TBS conducts its own investigations, follows the activities of other skeptics groups, monitors the press coverage of the paranormal, and publishes a quarterly newsletter, Tampa Bay Skeptics Report. TBS also makes its representatives available to local and national media to provide a skeptical voice as a counterweight to the irrationalism and superstition that is increasingly prevalent in the television and print media. [Note: Publication of the quarterly newsletter ceased in late 2013, but plans are currently underway to revive it as a pdf document.]

TBS does not reject claims out of hand, but rather is committed to objective and critical inquiry. In this vein, we share the philosophy of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) -- formerly known as CSICOP -- publisher of Skeptical Inquirer  magazine, an international organization that has nurtured the growth of local skeptics groups (such as ours) all over the world.

Magnifier logo  TBS's "$1,000 Challenge"

Whenever possible, TBS attempts to put claims to the test. Since 1989 we have had a standing $1,000 Challenge available to anyone able to provide TBS with verifiable scientific proof of any paranormal phenomenon. No one has yet succeeded, but we remain open-minded (though highly skeptical) and desirous of subjecting testable paranormal claims to objective scrutiny. Should anyone ever succeed in a test for TBS, we will arrange for a test by the James Randi Educational Foundation for its $1,000,000 Challenge.

Exec Council 1994 Magnifier logo  TBS Executive Council

Terry A. Smiljanich, J.D.  (Chairman)
Rick O'Keefe  (Vice Chairman and Meetup Organizer)
Gary P. Posner, M.D.   (Founder 1988, Exec. Dir. and TBS Report Editor, 1988-2013)
Judy Adkins

Exec Council 1994 Magnifier logo  Membership in TBS

We encourage those who wish to help further the cause of skepticism to join TBS!
For more information, please see our Meetup site.

Note: Gary Posner's website contains additional related material of interest, including many of his published articles not posted here, and a consolidated listing of available articles on "psychic detective" Noreen Renier. He has also posted the story of his metamorphosis from "believer" to "skeptic," which comprises a chapter in the book Skeptical Odysseys: Personal Accounts by the World's Leading Paranormal Inquirers (Prometheus Books, 2001).

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Healing Prayer
Richard Hoagland
Amazing Kreskin
Miraculous Cure
John Monti
Past Lives
Noreen Renier
Repressed Memories
Isadore Rosenfeld
Janet Sciales
Skunk Ape
Spont. Human Combustion
Spook Hill
Talking to the Dead
James Van Praagh
Virgin Mary Apparitions
Weeping Icon
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